Advanced Water Treatment Facilities - making it really clean

The Advanced Water Treatment Facilities(AWTF) at Terminal Island contain a two-stage process that produces water that is cleaner than your drinking water from the tap. This is produced to meet or exceed the water quality requirements of the state and federal agencies and to provide a beneficial resource to Harbor area industrial users. This saves many million gallons of potable water each year.

The first stage involves pumping water that has been treated to the tertiary level through a microfiltration unit. These units consist of membranes that filter out minute quantities of pollutants that remain in the tertiary effluent. In the second stage, the microfiltration effluent is pumped through reverse osmosis membranes that filter out pollutants as small as water molecules. This water is chlorinated to destroy any viruses or other remaining organisms, then dechlorinated to make it compatible with disposal in the Los Angeles Harbor and injection into the Dominguez Gap.